About Me

Iris Guzmán has lived in SeaTac for almost 14 years and has worked in the area for nearly 5 years. She has been in the social services field since 2000 and has been a social worker since 2006. She moved to the Seattle area in 1997 where she pursued her college degree at Seattle University in Applied Sociology and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Washington. She was born to parents who immigrated from Mexico and was raised in East LA. Growing up in a predominately Latinx community gave her a deep connection to her cultural roots and identity as a Latina. She is currently a School Social Worker with the Highline Public Schools and proudly serves the SeaTac secondary schools, Chinook Middle School and Tyee High School. As a community member and social worker, Iris sees firsthand the needs of the BIPOC, immigrant, refugee, undocumented/mixed status and working families in SeaTac. She works to help bridge the gaps between housing, food, and other basic needs. She also patronizes local small businesses and restaurants. Iris believes that by helping those most in need, we as a community all benefit.